Our Story

Skin & Tonic

I created Skin & Tonic with help from Josh (my boyfriend/partner-in-crime) and with inspiration and support from Deirdre (my master soap-making super mum). Josh and I met at a party in 2009 over a glass of Gin & Tonic and that was that – the unwitting union of two little like-minded dreamer/believers took place.

Together, we’ve been through some ups and some downs. Life can really suck at times and this was most definitely the case in 2010 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Getting sick made me realise that I needed to simplify my lifestyle and pay more attention to what I was putting into AND onto my body. I researched skincare and soon discovered that much of what I was using was full of nasty synthetic chemicals that were carcinogenic and endocrine disrupters.

I started to make skincare for myself using simple, organic ingredients. Within no time, a persistent case of dermatitis disappeared and my skin looked, and felt, great.

Skin & Tonic

So why couldn’t I buy something similar to this in the shops? I couldn’t find a single product that was completely free from synthetics and preservatives, or silly-frilly names and promises. Instead, all I found was overt gender discrimination and huge amounts of excess packaging. There was nothing out there that was simple, straight-talking, organic and cool!

So I decided to do something about it.

I quit my career in TV and re-trained in Aromatherapy and Skincare Formulation.

Skin & Tonic was born…

Thank you so much for joining our little skincare revolution.

Much Love,

Sarah X