Our natural skin care products are skin friendly and expertly hand blended to tone and refresh the skin. However, that’s not all, here at Skin & Tonic, multi-purpose products are kind of our speciality and we’re pleased to say that our natural toners are no different.

Fancy getting away from your day to day stresses and taking a leisurely walk through a peaceful rose garden? Sadly, we can’t whisk you away, (we would if we could, promise) but spray a few pumps of our natural toners, complete with carefully selected organic flower water, close your eyes for a blissful minute and you could easily imagine yourself there.

Heading out? Use our natural skin care products to set your makeup in place all night long. Suffer from dry skin? Pack this little bottle in your bag and spritz a couple of pumps over your face to rehydrate your skin throughout the day.

Made up of just four simple ingredients, our toners can be used any time of day or night to soothe the skin and ease your mind. And just breathe…