Alongside making your skin smile, here at Skin & Tonic, we also have quite the affinity for wellbeing. You can rest assured that all of our hand blended products are not tested on animals and make use of only the most soul friendly ingredients.

We combine our love for healthy skin with wellbeing by use of calming essential oils that work to ease the mind on those days that it seems intent on doing over time. Whether you’re using our soothing balms to help you nod off to sleep, or massaging them into your skin before a much-needed yoga session, we’ve got you covered.

At Skin & Tonic, we don’t think that it’s too much to ask to have quality products that are not tested on animals, which is why we wave a firm goodbye to those that do. Give yourself the treat of natural ingredients that are not only perfect for pampering the skin, but also pretty good at providing a calming pep talk to a racing mind.